DayZ Epoch – Dedicated server reboot

So I’ve recently set up a private dedicated server for DayZ Epoch for myself and a few friends. Because we only have a fairly limited time of day that we can play at (what with working and all), I’m only really concerned with rebooting the server once a week.

The server OS does an auto reboot every week, at 3:45 AM, then to allow any patches to finish installing/configuring, I wait 15 minutes before triggering an ArmA II start at 4:00 AM. The batch file I use is:

@echo off
cd /d E:\DayZ_Epoch_Server
start “” “DayZ_Epoch_instance_11_Chernarus.bat”
taskkill /f /im cmd.exe

This is called by the Task Scheduler at 4:00 AM which then runs the default bat file, which if you call directly fails.