I started playing guitar back in ’92 and ever since I first started to properly look after my guitars (when I started on electric in ’95) I’ve used “Lemon Oils” to condition my rosewood & ebony fret boards. However, most “lemon” oil that you can get commercially is simply a synthetic oil with a bit of lemon scent thrown in, which whilst adequate, I feel isn’t quite right. For a while now I’ve been meaning to try Fret Doctor which receives great reviews from those that have tried it and I finally got around to buying some. I’ll let you know how it works when I receive it.

On a related note, I have also tried Virtuoso Cleaner and Polish. Up until I got my ’59 reissue Les Paul, my Les Paul Classic was my main guitar which served me well from 2001 (bought on September 11th, fact fans) through to March of 2007. Despite my (sometimes rather lame) attempts to keep it clean, after 5 years of gigging most weekends there was a significant haze on the finish, particularly around the arm wear, which no polish I tried could even get close to removing. I even tried a little t-cut (an abrasive compound for removing scratches from cars) to see if there would be any improvement. All the t-cut seemed to do was move the haze around.

So after reading the rave reviews I’d seen about Virtuoso products, I bought a bottle of both the polish and the cleaner. Using a new duster, I applied a little of the cleaner to the back first (which also had some hazing) and gave it a good solid rubbing. After using so many different polishes, I never thought I could get the haze off, but the Virtuoso cleaner did the job brilliantly. Once I’d cleaned the grime off of the guitar, I used some of the polish to buff the guitar back up to a shine, which it did nicely. I’m not sure the Virtuoso polish is any better than other polishe, but combined with the effect of the cleaner, the change was brilliant. I’d highly recommend the cleaner to anyone who, like me, has a guitar that looks hazier than the ’60’s. Whilst you’re there you might as well buy the polish as well, but be heartbroken if they don’t have it in stock.