Mapping drives with SSD’s

So I’ve recently upgraded to SSD’s on most of my machines, along with an upgrade to Windows 8.1 on my main machine. I’ve started to run into an issue where my mapped drive to my NAS don’t reconnect at logon. I’ve been searching the web for a while now seeing if I could work out why this is, but haven’t been successful. Today however, I’ve hit upon the answer; I first mapped the drive via IP rather than name which was successful, so then put the name of the NAS into the HOSTS File. This was also successful, so it definitely appears to be DNS that is affecting it.

I can leave it there, but I’m curious now; what if I stand up a VM on my ESXi host to act as a DNS server for my local network, a job that is currently being handled by the router? I suspect it will be better, but we won’t know until we try!

*Edit: So, before I went through the setup a a DNS server, I decided to try one more thing; all the clients that use my router for DHCP get a connection suffix of “home”, so I changed the drive mapping to connect to \\nas.home\share and that appears to be working. I’ll try it on a few more machines but it looks like that’s the answer here: add the DNS Connection Suffix to your drive map and it should be good to go.