Crybaby True Bypass mod

What you need:
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal
DPDT Switch
Craft Knife
Digital Multimeter
Soldering Iron & Solder
Phillips Head Screwdriver
7/16 inch Socket (to remove the nuts holding the jacks in place)
Some wire
An amp & guitar to test the mod

Using a multimeter, test all the connections and make a wiring diagram of the original layout, making sure to note all the colours of the wires and their respective operations (i.e. input, output etc). An example of the wiring diagram I used can be found here.

Remove the original SPDT switch and replace it with the new DPDT switch, reattaching the wires as per your wiring diagram.

Now remove the PCB from its mounting, and look at the back at the copper trace circuit.
You will see where the mounting plug is soldered to the board. It is one of these connections that bleeds the signal and results in loss of tone. Use a voltmeter to check the signal between the input wire and the traces on the PCB. When you find the trace that is responsible, take a small sharp knife (a craft knife is recommended) and scrape away the connection. I have highlighted the area on my PCB that needed the trace cut.

The part of the connection that still has contact with the input wire you can leave alone. The other part should have a wire soldered to it, the other end of which connects to the DPDT.

Thats the mod finished. All that remains to do is screw everything back together, and plug it in.

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